Modular houses for tough climates

Sense designs and prefabricates very energy efficient modular houses. Specifically, passive, nearly zero and net zero energy houses in Nordic climate.

Our buildings have exceptional energy performance as real-life monitoring results as well as national and international acknowledgements assure. We have won the most energy efficient prefabricated timber house award in Estonia for three years in a row and we have built the first internationally certified passive houses in Estonia. The average air-tightness measure of our buildings is twice as good as the international passive house requirement and the lowest measured result is n50 = 0,21 1/h.

The concept of our buildings relies on smart prefabrication and well-planned use of solar energy, using a wide range of simulation practices dealing with a large set of details necessary to achieve the extraordinary level of energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Additionally, we use VOC free finishing materials which ensure a good air quality.

The ongoing cooperation and research projects with Tallinn University of Technology help us to fine-tune our buildings and comply with changing energy performance requirements.

See the houses section for an overview of our design and past experience.